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Posted 39 minutes ago

So if Healy loses, do they give him ax? He’d be 0-3-1 since joining the UFC.

Posted 48 minutes ago

thesportssoundoff said:

What are your thoughts on White vs say Brandao?

Fun fight: The calm, collected straight puncher vs the wild man.

Posted 54 minutes ago

We got 2 hours before the main card starts and 3 prelim fights left.

Guess that’s what happens when 2 of your fights don’t last 2 minutes.

Posted 56 minutes ago

Stay down brother.

You were out. Big finish for Alex White in his UFC debut. Showed some good composure while Payan was trying to pressure him. Featherweight gets another good prospect.

The former boxer stays perfect in MMA at 10-0.

Posted 1 hour ago

Quick violent finish for Caio Magalhes


I think Zachrich might’ve had a reasonable gripe there on a low blow but that’s neither here nor there. Magalhes did a great job being aggressive and mixing things up.


Having trouble telling.

Posted 1 hour ago

Caio Magalhaes marches through Luke Zachrich.

Body crunching body shot and knee from Caio Magalhaes along with some powerful overhands help him put away Luke Zachrich in the first round. Looks like Luke was complaining about a low blow, presumably from the knee.

Caio Magalhaes wins via 44 second destruction. Moves to 3-1 in the UFC and is on a 3 fight winning streak.

Posted 1 hour ago

Time away might of hurt Mein in that one.

He looked a bit rusty. Moved well and avoided getting hit but the activity was down and his jab definitely wasn’t as sharp as it was earlier in his career. Still he did enough through the first two rounds to secure the win.

Mein gets the UD.

Posted 2 hours ago

Great fight to finish off the Fight Pass prelims.

Borg and Ortiz have what is primarily a jiu jitsu/wrestling match. Lots of passing, reversals, sweeps, and scrambles between the two. Mind you, Borg fought 2 weeks ago for Legacy FC.

Ortiz gets the Split Decision win.

Posted 2 hours ago

youottercomeagain said:

Where? I see baseball on fox sports1. Im recording the prelims & main but where are you watching now?

Fight Pass prelims. First two fights are over, last one is about to start between Dustin Ortiz and Ray Borg.

Posted 2 hours ago

UFC on FOX 11

Just tuning in. May gets finished in the first round against Derrick Lewis.