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Posted 8 hours ago

Trying to Psychoanalyze Mighty Mouse detractors



September 29th, 2014

I was watching the UFC 178 Press Conference when Alex pointed out something that I didn’t even notice. In fact, had he not mentioned it, it’s something I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all.

"Why hasn’t anybody asked Mighty Mouse a question?"

My first thought was that “Mighty Mouse” Demetrious Johnson simply wasn’t there yet due to the fact that normally champions are the last to arrive at a presser. Then I saw him sitting there on the dais. And he was right. Throughout the however long presser, Mighty Mouse didn’t get not one question. For some reason that bothered me, perhaps a lot more than it should have. Maybe it’s because it continues to confound me as to what this guy has to do to garner the respect he deserves. What is it about Mighty Mouse that fans and yes, the media, can’t get behind.

Let’s not mince words here: Mighty Mouse may be the greatest fighter of all time under 145 lbs. His dominance of the flyweight division and his ability to pick up big wins in the 135 lb division speak for his resume. His athletic ability and picture perfect technique in every single capacity of his game make him one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen. The guy is 2-3 fights away from clearing out the 125 lb division as it currently stands. No other champion in UFC history (yeah, I went there) has had as compelling of an argument for having wiped out their division outside of Georges St. Pierre and MAYBE Jon Jones. The reality is that “Mighty Mouse” is a special kind of freak of nature; a perfect mix of technique, accuracy and ability. If you’re drawing up how a fighter should perform, Mighty Mouse would tick all the boxes. In a world of fairness, Demetrious Johnson gets his just due.

So why do MMA fans seem to hate him? Why does the media resent him? Why does it seem like people revel if his shows don’t do well compared to others?

I’ve been reading a lot and seen a lot of different reasons on why Johnson isn’t liked. Some I think are reasonable and some I think aren’t. At the end of the day, I wanted to give my thoughts on the reasoning of others pertaining to WHY Johnson is seemingly the black sheep of elite MMA.

Read MorIe

I don’t agree with is the idea the wrestling fan thing. At least not with the hardcore fans. Most don’t seem to give a damn how big you are if you’re exciting and/or can work a mic. Shawn Michaels (I know he’s billed as 6’1, but there’s no way he breaks 6 feet), Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Daniel Bryant, and Kenta aren’t exactly giants standing next to Show or Cena or Triple H, but they get over just fine (even better in some cases). Maybe among casuals that just want to see big guys throw one another around.

I think it’s because MMA fans see the sport more as a spectacle than a sport. They like the freak show fights, the explosions, the larger than life personalities, the story-lines, etc. They like Sakuraba vs Cro Cop. They like Fedor vs Zulu. They like the DC-Jones brawl. The McGregor trash talk. Chute Box vs Brazilian Top Team rivalries,etc.

Even with boxing, however, weight classes seem to be niche nowadays. Europe has heavyweights. The Hispanic and Asian countries have Bantamweight and lower. North America has featherweight through super middleweight basically. The UK has whatever weight class they can get a champion/Olympian in.

Roman Gonzalez could be a god in Nicaragua (not 100% sure) but you’re average HBO/Showtime part-time viewer probably doesn’t have a clue who he is. HBO/Showtime are providing the weight classes they  feel will bring in ratings here. There’s a reason why heavyweights they gave up on the big guys (even cruiserweight which is now basically stuck on NBCSN). Because the American heavyweight market is quiet. It only started making noise when two guys from this hemisphere fought over a world title (Stiverne-Arreola). I imagine a guy like Wilder will help spark interest if he manages to be legit.

Compare that to the UFC and Bellator where almost ALL the top prospects and fighters from 125-ers thru heavyweight compete on the same cards. It’s easier for “hardcores” to bitch about it because they’re only used to being fed through one or two products as opposed to say boxing where if you want to watch a Roman Gonzalez or a Naoya Inoue or Klitschko and you’re American, you have to look for them. You get less people bitching b/c a lot less people sit through their fights. 

I don’t think the people watching WEC back in the day, Tachi Palace Fight streams, or staying up at 2 in the morning to watch a card from the other side of the planet care about weight classes b/c they realize there are a shit ton more 125ers/135ers out there than competent heavyweights. It’s more fair to say that people who only follow the UFC will have issues with it. Not everyone who posts on a message board even follows Bellator (though they should).

And don’t forget a lot of “hardcore” MMA fans seem to take pride in their ignorance.

Posted 8 hours ago

UFC Canada on Twitter: "Rob Font gets sidelined & is replaced by Roman Salazar, making his promotional debut vs Canadian bantamweight @MitchGagnonUFC at #UFCHalifax"

Well shit.

This was one of the best fights of the weekend imo. This is the 2nd time Font pulls out like this in under a month. Really hope this isn’t a trend with his career.

Posted 14 hours ago


Joseph “Bazooka Joe” Valtellini is one of my favorite fighters to watch. In this breakdown by Acumen Athletics you’ll see why. His technique, set-ups and kicks are unreal!

Posted 15 hours ago


Cat Zingano’s Beautiful Takedown of Amanda Nunes from UFC 178

Posted 15 hours ago

Karol Bedorf vs Oli Thompson

KSW is back this week with a card not headlined by Khalidov or Pudz.

Instead, one of Poland’s top heavyweights Karol Bedorf (10-2) will try to defend his KSW Heavyweight title against Brazilian and 1/2 of the greatest knockout ever in Rolles Gracie (8-2). KSW 28 goes down this Saturday (Oct. 4th).

Posted 15 hours ago

10 Lingering UFC 178 Thoughts


1- On Saturday night, for at least a few hours, we all got answers to questions. Every event a fan probably walks into a show with a list of questions they feel need answering as it pertains to the fighters. On this night, all of the questions were answered. Everything we wanted to know about…

Someone else in the running for FOTY is Dillashaw. Forgot all about him. Wonder where they end up putting TJ-Cruz.
Rousey-Zinago is going to end up on the Jones-DC card and Silva-Diaz is supposedly the main event of 183.

Posted 15 hours ago

Pedro Munhoz vs. Jeff Curran

Former RFA Bantamweight champion Pedro Munhoz (11-1) competes on the FP prelims this weekend. Lord forbid we deprive TV audiences of the always exciting Bruno Santos.

Munhoz arrived in the UFC taking on top 5 bantamweight Raphael Assuncao on 13 days notice. Not surprisingly, it proved too much too soon for the Black House fighter. He quickly rebounded with a win over former Legacy FC bantamweight champion Matt Hobar, stopping him 3 minutes into the first.

He’s now set to face gigantic lightweight moving down to bantamweight Jerrod Sanders at UFC Fight Night 54 this Saturday (Oct. 4th) in Halifax.

Posted 16 hours ago

Jan Blachowicz Highlights

By: Sinu KSWfanpage

Former KSW Light Heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz is ready for his UFC debut this Saturday (Oct. 4th). The Polish jiu jitsu specialist is a Nastula Team member, under Judo Olympic Gold Medalist Pawel Nastula. Blachowicz will face Swede Ilir Latifi on the main card of UFC Fight Night 53. 

Posted 17 hours ago

Gunnar Nelson vs. Danny Mitchell

Gunnar Nelson (13-0-1, 9 subs) is looking to keep SBG Ireland’s run going this weekend after his teammate Conor McGregor shut up the critics last Saturday. Nelson’s quietly put together 4 wins in the UFC that’s earned him the #12 on the UFC welterweight rankings. After sitting out most of 2013 with an injury, Gunnar actually looks like he’s a welterweight instead of a chubby lightweight as well.

The Karateka/BJJ expert is set to headline UFC Fight Night 53 this Saturday (Oct. 4th) in Sweden. He’ll face Rick Story.

Posted 18 hours ago

Isao Kobayashi vs Kazuki Tokudome

Pancrase Lightweight champ Isao Kobayashi (15-1-4) against UFC fighter Kazuki Tokudome.

I’m not 100% on this but it looks like Isao Kobayashi is dropping to 145lbs (66kg) this Saturday (Oct. 4th). He’ll be on the main card for VTJ 6th facing Lion Takeshi Inoue. If Isao looks healthy at featherweight, this could be a big deal for JMMA.